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Welcome to HELICON!

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Welcome to HELICON!

This web page was created mainly to accommodate my verses and music and some of the work of my collaborators, and also other poetry and music or academic writing from different world traditions in whatever digital form I am able to present them.
All works by living artists or scholars and those of artists or scholars who have died less than seventy years ago are under copyright protection as outlined in the terms of this page.
All other works belonging to different world traditions are free of copyright and the relevant pages of content invite you to download, print, perform and distribute freely this content.

This page is also intended to include much adult content (as per poetical content) which is unsuitable for people under age. In those cases a warning will appear to that effect, leaving the opening of the relevant page to the user's discretion.

You can become a member of this site and create your own account by agreeing to the terms and providing your email address. In that way you can comment and leave your criticism on the content and also start your own threads in the "member's corner" section, make requests for various pieces of music in pdf, xml or midi format, solve technical queries and in general contribute to this site and enjoy your membership.

Works under copyright are presented in strict chronological order and they are interconnected through the various sections or via the General Content indeχ by active hyperlinks. In the cases where a poem is written originally in Greek an English translation follows immediately on the same page, but the translations do not pretend to be literary or artistic in any sense and they are provided only as an effort to capture the meaning of the words. Such translations are mainly given for verses belonging to two major areas of work:
" THEORY "X" " and "LEMONIA (F)LEAP EDELTRAUD" but also from some earlier and smaller areas. Poems written originally in English are not given in Greek translation at present.

I will always make an effort to keep this page bilingual, ie items will be presented in both English and Greek as far as this is possible but English language is bound to predominate this page the way things stand at present.

The copyright free content from different traditions is presented under various headings and classifications, ie Main Stream, Rebetiko, Instrument Specific, Academic, etc, etc, and it is interconnected in a similar way as outlined above.

New categories and sub sections will be created in both the above classifications as and when the need for uploading new material arises.

All music works are presented in various file formats:
PDF for reading/printing a score.
MP3 for listening to its midi performance (usually done by Sibelius 6 technology).
XML for transferring the music between various sequencers and DAWs.
A combination of MP3 and XML files for listening/viewing a scrolling score (there are some music problems involved here due to XML limitations, but generally it works well).

If a real recording (by human performers :) ) of a piece exists in either MP3 or MP4 format, an additional file or a link to youtube (when a video exists) is included in the relevant page of the piece, but these are far and few in between at present.

Enjoy your visit and/or membership. Thanks for dropping in!


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