10 Diary 30/10/2015

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10 Diary 30/10/2015

Postby admin » Fri Oct 30, 2015 5:34 am

9 ThePipeOnTheHob.mid
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I love Irish dance music but I stop today with my harmonizations and arrangements of "O' Neill's book of Ireland".
The source web site from which I drew my material HERE is very unreliable:
The midi files provided by that site are inconsistent and full of mistakes. It is obvious that this is a very quick job without any musical considerations of harmony or style of accompaniment and it is done in order to provide free material in pdf and midi files to potential customers who may also buy some other music from the site in question. Big quantity but awful musical quality is the result of this approach.
The implied harmonies are full of mistakes, the tempi rather fast and there is evidence of complete lack of knowledge about Irish music.
The midi and pdf files above, given as examples of the kind of free material present in that site, are for the last piece I uploaded in HELICON, "9 The Pipe on the Hob" and are given here for comparison and maybe just for a laugh.
My view of this particular piece is here.

Continuation of "O' Neill's book of Ireland" will be resumed once I have access to a more reliable source or to the book itself which was published by Dover Editions many years ago.
This diary page will be deleted eventually and also all nine pieces in this forum after they have been checked against the above mentioned Dover Edition.



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