15 Doppelgänger Of Us All

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15 Doppelgänger Of Us All

Postby admin » Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:50 am

Music - Μουσική

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[spoil][highlight=yellow]EDELTRAUD 3 ===> THE PSYCHOBITCH ==> DISMANTLING BIG TIME


[align=center]Doppelgänger Of Us All
( a dirty ditty for a Swiss lover)

Cuckoo Clock,
suck my cock,
thank you dear,
all is clear,
you can go,
who's to know
of your grace?
Is there still a human race?
All is clear,
thank you dear,
you can go,
who's to know
of your grace?
Suck my cock,
Cuckoo Clock,
There's no more a human race.



Michelangelo was bend,
and subservient to no end,
Harry Lime maybe was wrong,
how could he foresee this song?
Doppelgänger of us all,
there you are!
This world's so small.

(Dal segno ($) al FINE)[/align]

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